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Our teacher-training courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to teach English in a variety of contexts worldwide, both face-to-face and online.

We help you to plan and deliver lessons that are genuinely communicative and engaging.

We offer pre-service courses for people seeking to enter the field (e.g., CELTA courses) and in-service training courses for ELT professionals who want to develop their skills in communicative language teaching (e.g., Teaching Young Learners, Teaching Teenagers, Teaching IELTS and OET courses, etc.).

Check out our fully online and face-to-face full-time and part-time CELTA and other teacher training courses. We always have courses on special offer (e.g., special offer online CELTA) and provide life-long support to our graduates free of charge. We also help our CELTA graduates with paid teaching and volunteering opportunities.

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  • “Completing the CELTA course gave me concrete tools, techniques, and strategies that have helped me become a more effective English language teacher.  Its teaching practicum hours helped me develop key skills (such as active listening, classroom management, and thinking on my feet) and gain greater confidence in myself as an English language trainer.  Constructive feedback and supportive encouragement from the course tutors allowed me to identify exactly where and how to improve my teaching and helped me to believe in myself through challenges I encountered.  Theory was well balanced with practice, and I found the session topics interesting, relevant, enriching, and conducted in a fun way by the tutors.  The small size of the tutoring groups allowed me to form camaraderie and mutually supportive bonds with my group members, which made my learning more enjoyable and helped me to better integrate what I was learning on the course.”

    Lila Hartelius

    CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages)

  • “As a teacher with a background in Applied Linguistics, and having taught young learners, CELTA was a challenge for me. Yet Neil was my tutor – one reason I overcame the fear and why I always advise other teachers to take the course. He was so patient, had exceptional methods for teaching, gave precise feedback and would lift the trainees up at any moment they felt down. Neil also dealt with all trainees equally, bringing the best out of each one. After CELTA , he kept in touch, recommending, consulting and always giving a hand when needed. I’m really glad and thankful I had such a tutor in 2016.”

    Hanan Ibrahim, IELTS trainer

    CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages)

  • “I learned so much on the CELTA course that came in handy on my first teaching job in Mexico. First of all, to slow down. Teaching in the US involves rapid talking and lots of repetition, both of which are confusing for English learners. Neil and the tutors patiently and kindly taught me also to exploit the text, use authentic texts, check for understanding, and many other invaluable skills. I was ready to teach speaking, listening and other tricky skills. I felt prepared, equipped. Taking CELTA in a foreign country was challenging, but Neil and the tutors were very supportive and helpful. The hard work paid off, and I am now relaxing in Cancun after teaching my first semester!”

    Emily, USA