Teaching Teenagers

Teaching Teenagers

The idea of teaching moody, unresponsive, bored teenagers can fill any teacher with dread. Teenagers have a reputation for being difficult to control and motivate. However, teaching teenagers can be massively rewarding and lots of fun.


The Teaching Teenagers course is designed to equip teachers with the necessary skills and strategies to address the specific needs, interests and challenges of teaching this age group (12-17). Participants in the course will develop a diverse repertoire of effective teaching strategies and techniques, including classroom management skills specifically tailored to engage, motivate and facilitate successful language learning for teenagers. The emphasis of the course is practical takeaways for your classroom.


Teachers will feel more confident in their understanding of how changes that teenagers are going through impact on their language learning. They will develop techniques for creating positive, inclusive, harmonious classrooms where students feel respected and motivated to engage in meaningful language activities.


The course is taught by distance learning, and takes place over four ‘live online’ sessions with your tutor on Zoom. Each live session is two hours long, with some further optional study using our materials.



There are four online sessions:

  • Understanding how teenagers work
  • Classroom dynamics
  • Project work and collaboration
  • Study skills and lifelong learning


Course objectives:

  • knowledge of the benefits and challenges of teaching teenagers
  • confidence in planning and delivering engaging age-appropriate lessons
  • strategies to create and maintain a positive, inclusive learning environment

To enrol online, please:

To enrol online, please

  • complete and submit the Application form;
  • pay the deposit of £50 so that we can hold your place.

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