Teaching Young Learners

Teaching Young Learners

Teachers of young learners have the privilege of introducing children to English and instilling a love of learning, but to ensure this is done in the best ways, teachers need the most appropriate tools. If you are a teacher of adults, you may feel intimated by the idea of teaching young learners. You may imagine wild classrooms of uncontrollable, manic, loud children.


  • How do we get a group of young learners to be quiet?
  • How can we introduce grammar to 6-year-olds?
  • How do we get children to sit still for long enough to teach them anything?


This highly practical course will answer all these questions.


The course is designed to provide teachers with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to create a vibrant and engaging learning environment for children aged 5-11. It aims to equip teachers with practical tools and techniques specifically for the needs of young learners, based on a solid foundation of methodology. The emphasis of the course is practical takeaways for your classroom.


Teachers will be introduced to the developmental characteristics, learning styles and cognitive abilities of young learners. The course will explore a range of effective instructional techniques including Total Physical Response (TPR), storytelling, role plays and interactive games.  A range of ideas will be explored to help facilitate language acquisition as well as integrating skills, vocabulary and grammar into lessons. These have the ultimate goal of motivating your students and fostering a love of English language learning.


The course is taught by distance learning and takes place over four ‘live online’ sessions with your tutor on Zoom. Each live session is two hours long, with some further optional study using our materials.


There are four online sessions:

  • Understanding young learners
  • Classroom management techniques
  • Introducing, using and storing new language
  • Developing language skills


Course objectives:

  • knowledge of how children acquire language skills
  • confidence in planning and delivering engaging age-appropriate lessons
  • strategies to create and maintain a positive, inclusive learning environment


Language requirement: min. B2


To enrol online, please:

To enrol online, please

  • complete and submit the Application form;
  • pay the deposit of £50 so that we can hold your place.

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