Certificate in Teaching IELTS

Certificate in Teaching IELTS

A Masterclass in Preparing Students for IELTS

Advance your career and take responsibility for your own continuing professional development (CPD) with this unique course that will not only make you more knowledgeable and employable but will also transform your classroom by providing you with a wealth of great ideas you can then incorporate into your own teaching. The skills you develop on a course as practical as the QAI Level-2 Certificate in Teaching IELTS are highly sought-after by employers around the world. Therefore, whether you are a novice tutor preparing to teach your first IELTS lesson or an experienced one looking for new ideas or more in-depth knowledge about the test and the way it is assessed, this course will be of benefit to you. You will learn about the principles that underpin testing and assessment and about the general methodology of teaching exam preparation courses. You will learn how to design a comprehensive IELTS syllabus and how to plan engaging IELTS lessons. You will receive guidance about formal and informal evaluation and assessment along with strategies and ways of responding to oral and written student performance. You will be taught how to help your students make progress and successfully pass the test. You will also learn how to manage and support your learners as well as how to keep them motivated and positive throughout their challenging journey.


This course will provide you with

  • practical teaching ideas.
  • improved employment opportunities.
  • an insight into evaluation and assessment.
  • an opportunity to teach international students.
  • skills to recognise effective tests and adaptable materials.
  • ideas and resources for continuous post-course development.
  • tips, techniques and strategies that will help your students get their desired grades.
  • tips on how to give feedback about student performance constructively and effectively.
  • a teaching methodology for both face-to-face and online IELTS exam preparation lessons.
  • confidence in using English for teaching IELTS and other examination preparation classes.
  • techniques for helping your students become independent learners and responsible test takers.
  • hands-on experience through live lesson observations and assessed teaching practice on real exam preparation students.
  • an increased understanding of the IELTS exam, its task types and the skills and sub-skills tested in each of its four papers.
  • advice on how to keep your students motivated and engaged as well as tips to help them perform under adverse circumstances.


Credit for Prior Learning and Discounted Fees

If you completed Foundation Modules (1 – 3) as part of another QAI Level-2 examination preparation training course (e.g., Certificate in Teaching OET), you will not need to repeat these components; and, providing you have passed all three end-of-module tests, you will be able to use your credits on the Teaching IELTS course, which therefore will be both shorter and even more economical for you. Applicants with proven experience in teaching IELTS exam preparation classes will not be required to complete the Foundation Modules. You can also prove your IELTS knowledge and experience by completing a test as part of your application. You will find the link to the test on the application form.


IELTS-Specific Modules

  • Teaching Reading
  • Teaching Listening
  • Teaching Speaking
  • Teaching Writing
  • Assessing and Evaluating Oral and Written Performance


Class times:

When designing the timetable, we have taken the different time zones and needs into consideration.

  • 9:00 am GMT (the earliest start time) – 2:30 pm GMT (the latest finish time*)

*to allow for trainees living in different time zones, such as India, China, Vietnam, etc.

Timetables available upon request.

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